Fulfillment logistics center


We are preparing to introduce a new service to our offer: a Fulfillment logistics center. It will cover the full range of activities – from the receipt of goods from the customer, acceptance of goods to the warehouse, storage, packing and shipping to the customer.

This solution – becomes particularly useful in times when more people and companies are selling online. Ordering operational activities related to the physical flow of goods to our logistics center will improve the quality of functioning of any online store.

We take responsibility for the proper fulfillment of the task related to comprehensive service of goods received from the supplier: from its receipt, through storage, to picking, packaging and shipping to the customer. The process ends with the finalization of the transaction, i.e. the delivery of relevant sales documents.

Logistic outsourcing is a great solution that guarantees many benefits, but the most important advantage is the saving time and fixed costs. Outsourcing services to professionals who will do their best to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. At ECO FIX Sp. z o.o. we carry out all orders individually, within agreed deadlines.