Cardboard furniture


Eco Fix Sp. z o.o. is a company that draws inspiration from traditional materials that have wide application possibilities, employing modern technologies that guarantee their processing.

We introduced cardboard furniture a few years ago. The constructions are made of production waste, which we deal with every day. Waste paper and cardboard have enormous potential, and thanks to an innovative approach, we can achieve spectacular effects tailored to individual needs.

When making cardboard furniture we take keep in mind modern trends and trendsetting design. We put commitment into every project, which results in a satisfying final outcome.

The construction of furniture made of cardboard is conceptually similar to origami. It consists of many layers connected with ecological glue. We often use wood as a connecting or reinforcing element. This product is fully made from ecological materials and largely from waste materials. This solution shows how much can be done from reprocessing waste paper.

Furniture production is based on CNC machines. Designing takes place in CAD / CAM programs.